Consortium meeting for CITIES, 26th – 27th May 2014 at DTU Lyngby Campus, Denmark

Please note that this page is about the 2014 meeting. The page for the 2016 meeting is here.

The Consortium Meeting of CITIES meeting was, as you already know, held on May 26th and in the morning of 27th May 2014 on DTU.

The program can be seen here.

Note please the iiESI Workshop on Energy Systems Integration (ESI) May 27-28th 2014 (Copenhagen) which was right after the Consortium meeting for CITIES.

Presentations – International Partners

CITIES – Main ideas, methods, WPs and planned workshops by Henrik Madsen: Presentation.

CITIES – Administrative issues by Alfred Heller: Presentation.

NREL, USA, Facility available for CITIES by Ben Kroposki: Presentation.

ERC/UCD Irland Facilities available for CITIES by Mark O’Malley: Presentation.

Possible collaborations with SAMSUNG for CITIES Peter Woo: Presentation.

Kubik, Tecnalia, Spain, Facility available for CITIES by Borja Tellado: Presentation and movie and description of experimental facility.

Presentations – Smart Cities, test and demonstrations, SYSLAB and Bornholm, Denmark – Test possibilities under CITIES by Henrik Bindner: Presentation.

ProjectZero – Smart Cities Project, Sønderborg, Denmark by Peter Rathje: Presentation.

Live Lab Stenderup by Thomas Hume: Presentation.

Towards a zero emission city by Jacob Andreasens (Tjærborg, Denmark): Presentation.

Towards knowledge-based planning and operation of DH systems by Adam Brun: Presentation.

District heating in future smart energy systems by Peer Andersen: Presentation.

Parallel sessions

A hierarchy of aggregators and controllers for future electric energy systems by Henrik Madsen: Presentation.

A flexible aggregator for supermarket cooling by Niamh O’Connell presented by Torben Green: Presentation.

Control of heatpumps and use of forecasts in future electric energy systems by Jacopo Parvizi and Erik Sørensen: Presentation.

Use of data for optimal operation of energy systems by Henrik Aalborg Nielsen: Presentation.

Definition of Cities by Sara Amer: Presentation.

Automation from building information modelling to city modelling by Alfred Heller: Presentation.

Energy Services and Demand by Per S. Nielsen: Presentation.

Quantifying the impact – can the design of the method affect the results? by Ivan T. Herrmann: Presentation.

State-of-the-art presentations

GIS methods and energy planning with a climate focus by Kirsten Halsnæs: Presentation.

DH in future energy systems by Morten Hoffmeister: Presentation.

Energy markets: status, directions and challanges by Pierre Pinson: Presentation.

Smart Zero Emission Buildings by Per K. Heiselberg: Presentation.

Possibilities using gas in energy systems integration .. by Allan S Pedersen: Presentation.

Model predictive control for smart energy systems by Rasmus Halvgaard:Presentation.

Energy Efficiency and use of data from Smart Meters by Peder Bacher: Presentation.

Conclusions by Henrik Madsen: Presentation.