In the CITIES project we have looked at all aspects of the city energy system, including gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass, and most importantly methods to forecast, control and optimize their interactions through the use of advanced ICT solutions.

Industrial and academic partners have worked together in developing tools for the implementation of integrated energy system solutions.

The background for the CITIES project: A wide range of research activities has arisen to support the Danish target of a 100% renewable energy system by 2050.

The high densities of population, energy consumption, and energy and communications networks in cities offer the greatest potential for flexibility at the last cost, and the fact that cities account for 80% of global energy consumption and emissions make the urban environment an ideal setting for energy systems integration research.

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CITIES had 43 partners – Danish partners from academia and industry as well as international partner institutions from the EU, Asia, and the USA.

The project was supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark with a project runtime from 2014 to the end of 2020.
(formerly by the Danish Strategic Research Council) through the grant 1305-00027B.

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