CITIES is a pioneer in energy systems research. We have analyzed data from our partners in the energy sector and together developed cloud-based solutions that can integrate different energy sources and increase the share of renewable energy in the energy system by intelligent use of data - and achieve a significant CO2 reduction. We have categorized our results into five topics.

Energy System Planning

In CITIES, we have developed a long-term IT platform for simulation as well as planning tools to support decision-making for system integration in the energy system at the urban level, enabling modeling from the city level to the national level or EU-level to assess societal benefits of integrated energy systems management cross-sectorally (electricity, gas, heating, cooling).

Energy System Operation​

In CITIES, we have developed controllers and operational strategies for direct control of system states like temperature control in district heating for short term/operational use. The controllers are based on probabilistic forecasts and combined with operational strategies, for example, price signals to move end-users’ energy consumption and relieve the energy system through flexibility.

Smart Buildings​

In the future smart buildings will not only be sensitive to the actual conditions such as weather and the presence of occupants; they will also reflect on the connecting energy and water grids or price signals. In CITIES we have shown how to interexchange and use data and how IT systems have to compute relevant control settings in real-time and communicate to the control system of the buildings.


CITIES has conducted research on the topic of markets to ease the large scale integration of renewable energies into power systems and electrical markets. The findings are mainly related to the application of mathematical modelling and decision-making methods to the energy sector, based on stochastic process modelling, forecasting, optimization and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

Policy & regulations

The development of new energy policies and efficiency regulation schemes is becoming more and more important for successfully integrated the increasing amount of variable energy resources. CITIES task force group (Danfoss, Teknologisk Institut, Grundfos, Ørsted, Grøn Energi, Tomorrow, Aalborg Universitet & DTU) has published reports on future energy taxes, framework conditions and regulatory test zones.