Fourth General Consortium Meeting – DTI, Aarhus, May 30th-31st 2017

Dear partners and collaborators in CITIES,

We are pleased to invite you to the CITIES General Consortium Meeting (GCM) 2017. This year, the two-days meeting will take place at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) in Aarhus on 30th – 31st May 2017.

In order to ensure two days of fruitful discussions, we have prepared an exciting programme with lots of opportunity to get involved and get in depth. Therefore, to facilitate the best possible meeting, we would kindly ask you to register beforehand.

Please use the link provided in the programme provided here PDF.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Aarhus!

Best regards,
The CITIES Center Management Team
Henrik Madsen, Fred Heller & Per Sievert Nielsen


Day 1 – 30th May 2017

Frank Elefsen
(Danish Techological Institute)
Welcome to TI
Henrik Madsen
(CITIES Center Management)
Status and Innovation
Isabel H. Sørensen
(CITIES Innovation Center)
CITIES Innovation Center
Alexander Martin Tureczek
Classification of electricity consumption using smart meter data
Allan Schrøder Pedersen
Energy Supply Modelling
Carsten Rode
Energy flexible buildings
Pierre Pinson
Markets for integrated energy systems: loose coupling, business models and consumer-centric proposals
John Bagterp Jørgensen
Forecasting and predictive control technology for smart energy system
Henrik Lund
Smart Energy Systems of Cities – going towards 100pct Renewable Energy
Daniela Guericke
Decision-making under uncertainty for energy companies in smart cities
Anne Marie Damgaard
(Climate KIC)
Smart Cities Accelerator – Instruments for smart cities
Godfried Augenbroe
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
A US perspective on energy flexibility: demand charge reduction by commercial building owners

Day 2 – 31st May 2017

Lennard Ljung
(Linköping University)
System identification for control and simulation
Shmuel Oren
(UC Berkeley)
Distributed resource integration in the US from a markets perspective
Benjamin Kroposki
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL)
Seasonal Energy Storage
Niels From
Seasonal Storage Solutions
Simon Furbo
(DTU Civil Engineering)
Solar Heating Plants and Seasonal Heat Storage
Olof Samuelsson
(Lund University)
Intelligent Smart Grids: Driving change in urban energy systems – whereto and how?
Olivier Corradi
Quantifying and optimising carbon emissions of the electricity grid
Jae Hyung Roh
(Konkuk University)
Optimal Operation Strategy of Cogeneration Systems with Auxiliary Heat Facilities under Electricity Market Environments
Hans Bloem
(EU DG-Energy and JRC-Ispra)
Use Cases of the EC-JRC Energy and CITIES Project
Magnus Hindsberger
(Australian Energy Market Operator – AEMO)
Towards a 100 pct fossil-free energy system in Australia
Inger Andresen
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU)
From ZEB to ZEN – Norwegian Research on Zero Emission Buildings and Neighborhoods
Kim Behnke
(Danish District Heating Association)
Summary and remarks


Posters presented on CITIES consortium meeting 2017 May at DTI