“Flexibility and Buildings” Workshop – DTU, September 7th 2015

We would like to invite you to the Workshop ‘Flexibility and Buildings’ organized by CITIES – Work Package 3. This workshop aims at presenting ways of introducing flexibility to the building stock, covering issues from thermal energy storage to modelling of thermal mass and load shifting potential.

The workshop will take place at DTU on 7th September (10:00-16:00).

The agenda of the workshop is available.

Innovationsnetværket Smart Energy

Work Package 3

Minutes of the workshop:

The minutes of the workshop including the list of participants are available for download.


Alfred Heller, DTU Byg Getting the perspective of flexibility for CITIES WP3
Per Bromand Nørgård, DTU Elektro Characterisation and quantification of flexibilities in the energy exchanges between buildings and the energy system(s)
Henrik Madsen, DTU Compute Using Models and Control for Balancing the Fluctuating Wind and Solar Power
Pierre Vogler Finck, NeoGrid Technologies Towards a more optimised control of heating in households
Steffen Petersen, Aarhus University On the smart energy potential of buildings
Christian Holm Christiansen, Danish Technological Institute Retrofitting Existing Buildings for Energy Flexibility
Per Heiselberg, Aalborg University Potential heating demand flexibility in residential buildings using the thermal mass for short term heat storage
Anna Joanna Marszal, Aalborg University Flexible buildings in low-voltage network environment – preliminary studies and ideas for future work
Per Dahlgaard Pedersen, NeoGrid Technologies TotalFlex demonstration


  1. Evaluating the Value of Flexibility in Energy Regulation Markets (TotalFlex Demo)
  2. Device Level Demand Forecaster (TotalFlex Demo)
  3. Estimation of Potentially Flexible Demand
  4. Simplified Short Term Load Forecasting

Extra! Annex 58: Guidelines for ST3 Analysis (draft version). Please contact Peder Bacher pbac@dtu.dk for further information or if you want to cite it.