Second general consortium meeting – DTU, May 26th-27th 2015

Please note that this page is about the 2015 meeting. The page for the 2016 meeting is here.

The program for the second CITIES General Consortium Meeting is now available.

Henrik Madsen CITIES – Status and visions
Xiufeng Liu A platform for automated data transformation and anonymization
Daði Þorsteinn Sveinbjörnsson Status and results for modelling energy supply in CITIES; Illustrated by application of data for the case of Sønderborg
Panagiota Gianniou Aggregation of building energy demands; Sønderborg case
Pierre Pinson Embedding demand-side participation in electricity markets
Gianluca Frison HPMPC – A new software package with efficient solvers for model predictive control
Jakob Zinck Thellufsen Modelling cities in relation to countries – Copenhagen as an example
Marco Zugno Mathematical models for the management of combined heat and power systems
Per Dahlgaard Pedersen Cloud based control of heat pumps
Henrik Aalborg Nielsen Forecasting and Energy information
Anders Bavnhøj Hansen SIFRE and perspectives for city and national planning
Emil Sokoler Methods and methodologies for implementing a fossil-free society on Faroe Islands
Nina Detlefsen Use of frequent measurements in DH systems
Jacopo Parvizi Price responsive predictive control of heat pumps in a family house
Gorm Elikofer Use of data for energy efficiency improvements in buildings; Intelligent energy management before intelligent energy renovation of buildings
Helle Juhler-Verdoner Challenges with the Danish pricing model
Mark O’Malley Information of a new EERA JP on Energy Systems Integration
Henrik Madsen Model Predictive Control of Heat Supply to Greenhouses
Mikael Togeby Dynamic prices for heat delivered to district heating systems
Niamh O’Connell and Benjamin Kroposki Integration of distributed energy resources and demoand response in energy systems
Torben Green District heating production using heat reclaim in a supermarket refrigeration system
Henrik Madsen and Lasse Elmelund Pedersen Model predictive control of heat supply to greenhouses
Thomas Kjeldsen, Juan Miguel González, Anders Bavnhøj Hansen and Claus Amtrup Andersen Power Consumption Flexibility from Summerhouses – DSO and TSO interactions – part 1 (multiple presentations in one PDF)
Power Consumption Flexibility from Summerhouses – DSO and TSO interactions – part 2
Rasmus Halvgaard Energy flexibility in wastewater treatment
Claus Amtrup Andersen Examples of Data as a Service (DaaS) for Distributed Energy Resources
Jérôme Le Dréau Thermal mass in buildings and energy flexibility
Hans Bloem Energy performance of buildings; Status and strategies for using dynamical calculation methods
Poul Erik Morthorst and Peter Rathje Discussion and summary