Smart Sustainable Cities seminar – February 6th-7th 2017

The Smart Sustainable Cities seminar took place at DTU on February 6th and 7th 2017.

See the agenda for details.

Presenter Title
February 6th 2017
Luca Vezzaro Modeling and control of urban drainage – wastewater systems
Morten Borup Real time modeling of water infrastructure using hydraulic models and data assimilation
Markus Fischer & Paul Thamsen Smart Water and Wastewater Networks Water 4.0
Sarah Brudler Life cycle assessment of urban stormwater management systems
Tone M. Muthanna Klima 2050 – Risk reduction through climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure
Luidger Dienel & Gabriele Wendorf Smart people
Ying-Chih Deng A BrainBox – Tool for Smart Sustainable Planning
Elke Pahl-Weber Urban Cooperation by Urban Design Thinking
Elke Pahl-Weber Research Conference on Smart Cities 3 Universities in the North for a European Triple Helix
Gabriele Lobaccaro FLEXI – Pathfinder Grant Application Form
Jay Sterling Gregg The smart sustainable city: values, visions and engagement
February 7th 2017
Henrik Madsen CITIES Update
Arild Gustavsen The Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities – ZEN
Barbara Münch University Campus Projects and LowExTra (low energy traces)
Anne Marie Damgaard Smart Cities in the Nordic Region
Eszter Juhász-Nagy PI-SEC Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities
Carmel Lindkvist Toolkit for Nearly Zero Energy Neighborhoods
Gabriele Lobaccaro A review of tools, methods, and approaches for smart cities: the experience of EERA JP Smart Cities Taskforce on Simulation Platform Development
Mohamed Hamdy Developing a simulation-based optimizing model
Aoife Houlihan Wiberg The role of visualisation and an integrated approach
Alfred Heller Smart Cities Infrastructures – Some glimpse on or research