CITIES and EU EERA JP Energy Systems Integration Workshop on Modelling, Forecasting, Aggregation and Control – DTU, November 2nd-4th 2016

The CITIES and EU EERA JP Energy Systems Integration Workshop on Modelling, Forecasting, Aggregation and Control was held at DTU on 2nd to 4th November, 2016.

The agenda is available.


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Wednesday November 2nd
Sara Ben Amer Energy planning: a comparison of modelling tools
Ioannis Konstantelos Robust operation and planning of energy systems under uncertainty
Andrew Smallbone Energy to sustainable fuels and transport (SP1 Task 1.2)
Arvydas Galinis Modelling of energy sector in Lithuania
Olav Fosso Methods and processes for hydro-thermal scheduling
Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Ceseña Multi-Vector District Energy System Management: Modelling Aspects and Challenges
Jalal Kazempour Equilibrium modeling and optimization under uncertainty in markets: value of flexible resources, virtual bidding and self-scheduling
Paolo Conti Modellign and optimal integration of energy systems in buildings
David Connolly Heat roadmap Europe
Thursday November 3rd
Marko Aunedi Coordination between local and national energy level objectives
Fabian Gotzens Setting up a long-term European electricity system model incorporating climate change effects
Christos Ordoudis An integrated market for electricity and natural gas systems with stochastic producers
Juha Kiviluoma A generalised energy system model
Per Nørgaard Aggregation in time and space hides critical constraints
Henrik Madsen Methodologies for Operating Future Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems
Erik Delarue Integrated electricity system – buildign (heating) modeling, active demand response
Gareth Harrison Integrating electricity and gas systems
Friday November 4th
Gregor Giebel IEA Wind Task 36 Froecasting for Wind Power
Emanuele Crisostomi Forecasting and contorl in power systems
Hongwei Li Building thermal storage for district heating load management
Simon Tindemans Aggregation and control of smart refrigerators: semi-autonomous control of heterogeneous appliances
Salvador Acha Electricity price modelling for commercial sector in the UK
Dimitrios Papadaskalopoulos Market driven energy system operation and decelopment, agent based modelling
A. Klemantavicius Laboratory of System control and automation
Laurynas Šikšnys FlexOffer aggregation and offer handlign