CITIES Workshop on “Value creation by use of smart city data” – January 12th 2017

The CITIES Workshop on “Value creation by use of smart city data” will take place Thursday, January 12th 2017 in room 03.070 at NAVITAS, Inge Lehmanns Vej 10, Aarhus.

There is an immense interest in the information contained within data from operation of district energy systems. Such data comprise consumption data from individual users as well as other network data. The data have big interest for operators because of the huge value associated with the optimal management of a secure delivery to all consumers in response to the very dynamic situation for supply and demand. The data are also of great interest to researchers who will study and develop models for intelligent operation of the integrated energy system. Thus, data and its proper management has become an important asset in communities, but its handling also needs to be done in a proper way that respects issues of privacy and business confidentiality. Data management, and its form of representation is of great interest to a wide range of stakeholders involved in smart city development. We will discuss these issues at the workshop and see specific examples of data use in smart city operation and research.

Please see the abstract and agenda for the workshop.

Presenter Link and information
Steffen Petersen, Adam Brun, Henrik Madsen, Carsten Rode Welcome
Session 1: An overview of data. What is there, its use (value creation) and availability
Henrik Madsen, DTU, CITIES Perspectives for use of data in district heating systems
Henrik Heine Kristensen, Aarhus Univ. Department of Eng. City-scale building energy modelling using metered district heating data
Thomas Vinther Andersen, AffaldVarme Aarhus, AVA Data capture and publishing
The role of the data responsible person in a public enterprise
Adam Brun, AVA AVA’s value propositions on smart use of data
Morten Westergaard, Middelfart Kommune The Case of Middelfart: “Smart Energy @ Home”, almost 200 households using Smart Energy and results. Some municipality considerations regarding data and technology
Session 2: Examples of specific use of data
Kasper Jessen, Grøn Energi / Dansk Fjernvarme Experiences from use of national database of energy consumption in buildings
Anders Bavnhøj Hansen, Energinet.DK The need for market data and market solutions in the heating sector to obtain an efficient integration with the electricity market
Per Dahlgaard Pedersen, Neogrid Technologies Heat prediction and control based on Smart City data
Michael Dahl Knudsen, Aarhus Univ. Department of Engineering Energy Flexibility in Domestic Hot Water Preparation
Panagiota Gianniou, DTU Byg Demonstration of clustering applied to AVA data
Xiufeng Liu, DTU Management Eng. Data analytics on Jupyterhub
Alfred Heller, DTU Byg An example of specific collaboration on data use for CITIES
Break (w. refreshments)
Charlotte Bagger Tranberg, Bech-Bruun Advokatvirksomhed Use of personal data – legal conditions