As the tenth PhD student under CITIES Ignacio Blanco has successfully defended his thesis

Ignacio Blanco has successfully defended his PhD thesis on “Decision-making Under Uncertainty for the Operation of Integrated Energy Systems” at DTU Compute.
The thesis was part of WP7 – Decision-making and Support Systems under the CITIES-project and Ignacio Blanco told about the necessity for more flexibility in the power systems, when integrating renewable and partly unpredictable energy sources.
The PhD thesis dealt with the development and application of solution approaches in the form of optimization problems for energy operators and companies that operate under uncertain conditions in an integrated energy system setting. Ignacio Blanco operated with three approaches:
First, the development of new solution approaches that are capable of handling large-scale optimization problems with a significant amount of uncertain data. This will provide suitable solutions for decision-makers while drastically reducing the solution time of the problem.
Second, decision support solutions for district heating producers to optimize production and create bids for the day-ahead and balancing electricity markets.
And finally by exploring new ways of reducing the impact of uncertainty in fuel supply planning and evaluate new biomass contract designs for large combined heat and power producers using decision-making under uncertainty.

Ignacio Blanco is the tenth participant of CITIES to defend a PhD. The other PhD’s are:
• January 2019: Alexander Tureczek (CITIES WP1: Energy Services and Demand): Analysis of High Frequency Smart Meter Energy Consumption Data.
• December 2018: Christos Ordoudis (CITIES WP4: Intelligent Aggregation and Markets): Market-based Approaches for the Coordinated Operation of Electricity and Natural Gas Systems.
• September 2018: Dominik F. Dominkovic (CITIES WP2: Energy Supply, Transmission, Storage and Conversion): Modelling Energy Supply of Future Smart Cities.
• April 2018: Panagiota Gianniou (CITIES WP3: Intelligent Energy System Integration): Energy demand models for buildings in a smart cities context
• June 2017: Jakob Zinck Thellufsen (CITIES WP6 – Simulation and Planning): Contextual Aspects of Smart City Energy Systems Analysis: Methodology and Tools
• April 2016: Gianluca Frison (CITIES WP5 – Forecasting and Control): Algorithms and Methods for Fast Model Predictive Control
• March 2016: Niamh O’Connell (CITIES WP4: Intelligent Aggregation and Markets): Approaches for Accommodating Demand Response in Operational Problems and Assessing its Value
• March 2016: Leo Emil Sokoler (CITIES WP5 – Forecasting and Control): Methods and Algorithms for Economic MPC in Power Production Planning
• February 2015: Laura Standardi (CITIES WP5 – Forecasting and Control) (2015): Economic Model Predictive Control for Large-Scale and Distributed Energy Systems