Fifth General Consortium Meeting at Energinet, Fredericia, September 20th-21st 2018

The Fifth CITIES General Consortium Meeting took place at Energinet in Fredericia on 20th – 21st September 2018.

The Fifth CITIES General Consortium Meeting took place at Energinet in Fredericia on 20th – 21st September 2018.

The programme and registration information can be found here: Programme for CITIES GCM 2018

The programme of the preceding SmartNet workshop can be found here: SmartNet Workshop

Some of the presentations from the SmartNet workshop can be found here: Presentations


Day 1 – 20th September 2018

Session: Welcome & Introduction
Anders Bavnhøj Hansen (EnergiNet), Henrik Madsen (CITIES), Isabel H. Sørensen (accelopment AG) Welcome & Introduction
Henrik Madsen
(CITIES Center Management)
CITIES & Innovation Initiavtives
Session: Smart Grids
Giulia De Zotti
(DTU, Denmark)
Control-based Ancillary Service Provision from the Flexibility of Electricity Customers


Young-Il Lee
(Seoul National University of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Control Issues in Smart Grids
Anders Bavnhøj Hansen
(EnergiNet, Denmark)
EnergiNet’s R&I Roadmap & Focus Areas towards a RE-Based Energy System
Benjamin Kroposki
(National Renewable Energy Lab, USA)
Network-Aware Transactive Energy Control Approaches
Rune G. Junker (DTU), Henrik Madsen (DTU) How to Characterise and Use the Flexibility in Integrated Energy Systems Using Control-Based Methods
Shmuel Oren
University of California at Berkeley, USA)
Design of Markets for the Future
Panel discussion

Moderator: Henrik W. Bindner (DTU) Research needs related to the design and operation of future energy systems

with Karl Sperling (AAu), Anders Bavnhøj Hansen (EnergiNet), Benjamin Kroposki (National Renewable Energy Lab), Shmuel Oren (University of California at Berkeley), Young-Il Lee (Seoul National Univerisity of Science and Technology), Henrik Madsen (DTU) and Gerhard Zucker (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Day 2 – 21st September 2018

Session: Smart Cities and Energy
Vecky C. Poekoel
(Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Indonesia)
Smart Low-Carbon City Development in East Indonesia
Pete Beckman
(Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
Argonne’s Waggle Platform: Learning and Edge Computing for Cities Electrical Grids and the Environment
Dominik F. Dominkovic
(DTU, Denmark)
Energy Planning for Integrated Energy Systems
Jong Bae Park
(Konkuk University, South Korea)
Sustainable Energy Mix and Renewables Plan South Korea considering roles of Battery Energy Storage Systems
Jan Hvidbjerg (Ørsted, Denmark) and Niclas L. Brok (DTU, Denmark) Regulating Power Market – Modelling and Forecasting
Goran Krajacic
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Smart Cities and Smart Islands in Croatia
Session: Energy Storage Solutions
Charles E. Catlett
(Argonne National Lab, USA)
New Approaches to Improve Urban Measurements: The Array of Things
Karl Sperling
(Aalborg University, Denmark)
Energy Storage in a Smart Energy
System – Policy and Planning Perspectives
Mark Dannemand
(DTU, Denmark)
PCM Solutions for Energy Storage
Henrik Thorsen
(Energy Cool, Denmark)
Energy Storage Solutions in Center Denmark
Closing Session
Charles Nielsen
(TREFOR, Denmark)
Discussion and Closing Remarks


Torben Bach Pedersen (Aalborg University, Denmark) Data Lakes and Data Intelligence for Future Energy Systems


A novel bidding method for CHP units in district heating systems
SEGSys: A Mapping System for Customer Segmentation Analysis on Energy Consumption
Heating flexibility in buildings
Temporal Resolution Load Model for Regional Residential Electricity Consumption
Utilizing PV-battery systems with varying electricity prices
Model Predictive Control for Heat Pumps in Smart Energy Systems
Modeling the heat dynamics of a building using maximum likelihood estimation and gradient computation
Structured Literature Review of Electricity Consumption Classification Using Smart Meter Data
Co-simulation for integrated electrical-thermal systems using MOSAIK framework