CITIES Workshop on “Long-term Ideal Electricity Markets Setup” at DTU – January 25th 2017

The CITIES Workshop on “Long-term Ideal Electricity Markets Setup” will taken place at DTU on January 25th 2017.

See the abstract and agenda for details.


Variable renewable energy production and increased flexible and distributed demand calls for new electricity market designs. There are many suggestions for new designs including advanced bid/clearing markets, indirect control through price signals and p2p microtrade such as the blockchain based Brooklyn Microgrid. But there is not a common understanding of the long term ideal combination of electricity markets to give the right incentives for the producers, consumers and storage units while maintaining stability. The purpose of this workshop is to come closer to a long term ideal combination of markets. Energinet will present a suggestion for such a concept of markets and experts will share their knowledge and experience with different market designs. The day will end with a plenary discussion on Energinet’s suggestion with the purpose of evolving and strengthening the concept.

A vision for future electricity markets!

Presenter Link and information
Loui Algren, Anders Bavnhøj Hansen Long term ideal electricity markets setup
H. Madsen, J. Parvizi, N. O’Connell, N.K. Poulsen, O. Corradi, G. De Zotti, S.A. Pourmousavi, R. Halvgaard, J.B. Jørgensen, L.E. Sokoler Future Electric Energy Markets; with a focus on control based solutions
Koen Kok, TNO & DTU Markets for Demand-Side Flexibility based on the Transactive Energy Approach
Pierre Pinson A vision for future electricity markets – From coupling of energy markets to consumer-centric market design
Michael Dahl Knudsen & Sergi Rotger Griful Combined Price- and Event based Demand Response using Two-Stage Model Predictive Control
TotalFlex TotalFlex – et market based system for flexibility based on the Flex-Offer concept


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