Summer school on “Time Series Analysis – with a focus on modelling and forecasting in energy systems”, August 27th-31st 2018

The research centres CITIES and ZEN (Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities) are organizing a summer school on the topic Time Series Analysis – with a focus on modelling and forecasting in energy systems. The summer school will be held at DTU in collaboration with NTNU, as well as IEA Annex 67 and 71.

Dates: August 27th-31st 2018
Place: DTU Lyngby


To integrate renewable and fluctuating power generation sources we need to model, forecast
and optimize the operation of distributed energy resources, hence we need self tuning models
for each component in the system. Eg. for a building with PV and a heat pump, one will need
a model from weather forecasts and control variables to: PV power, heat pump load and the
indoor temperature in the building. These, together with electricity prices, can then be used for
MPC of the heat pump to shift its load to match the generation of power. There are many
other applications of data-driven models, eg. performance assessment, flexibility
characterization, and fault-detection; these topics will also be presented. The statistical
techniques behind the models will be elaborated, with focus on non-parametric (eg. kernels
and splines) models, discrete and continuous time models (grey-box modelling with SDEs).

Further information:
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