Chinese delegation visiting CITIES the 24.6.2014

A Chinese delegation is visiting CITIES as part of the project ‘EU-China Dialogue on Smart Cities’ with 15 European and Chinese cities involved Copenhagen City and CLEAN are arranging the event.

Date: 24. July 2014

The delegation consists of:

• Mr. HE Jianwu, Director of Haidian District Economy and Information Technology Office of Beijing Municipality
• Mrs. ZHU Pingping, Clerk of Commission of Economic and Information Technology of Tianjin Binhai New Area
• Mr. TANG Zhijiang, Vice Director of Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen
• Mr. WANG Hongling, Assistant Dean of Guangzhou Institute of Smart City,CATR
• Mrs. GUAN Xin, Engineer of Institute of Communication Standards, CATR
• representatives from Huawei, Thomas Hart and Chris Brown
• representatives from Europe EU-China Policy Dialogue Support Facility PDSF
• and organizers from CLEAN and Copenhagen Commune.

Program for Tuesday 24/6

• 09.00-10.30: Welcome – House of Green + presentation on Green initiatives in DK/Copenhagen
• 11.00-11.15: Welcome to the City of Copenhagen/presentation of today’s program
• 11.15-12.00: Big Data Infrastructure Tender
• Lunch + networking
• 12.45-13.15: Tour of the City Hall including the City Tower
• 13.15-15.00: Smart City Copenhagen presentation + questions
15:00-17:00: Site visit to CITIES – arrival at DTU 15:30
• 19.00-22.00: Dinner

/Center management (Ivan)