March 26, 2020: Henrik Madsen is co-organizing a Virtual Workshop ‘Flexibility in Integrated Energy Systems’ at NTNU

How will a decarbonized energy system balance supply-demand operation to reach at least 60-70% of renewable energy sources (i.e., solar and wind) by 2050?

Flexibility will be at the centre to integrate renewables, support efficient system operations, and ensure security of supply. However, incentivizing and raising flexibility touches upon multiple technological and structural challenges (e.g. market and regulatory).

The workshop starts at 9:45am – ends at: 14:30pm.

The workshop with international speakers covers multiple aspects of ‘Flexibility in Integrated Energy Systems’. Three main sessions will be part of the workshop, which is as follows in the program:

  • Flexibility characterization, value, use cases and enablers
  • Energy systems integration, key flexibility technologies and industry perspective
  • Market design, regulation and barriers.

See the programme here:

The registered participants (by invitation only) will receive an invitation link the day prior to the workshop in order to login to the webinar telco tool. For inquiries or further details contact: