Demo case: Smart water management to improve water-energy nexus for water supply systems

Water Utilities face other challenges, such as infrastructure aging and poor cost-recovery, leading to a lack of finance for O&M (Operation and Maintenance). Energy is required in all stages of water production and distribution, from pumping and treatment to transportation. Energy costs are a top-of-mind concern for water utilities, regardless of geography, size and level of water network efficiency.

In the demo case the CITIES project wants to allow water utilities to holistically manage their processes in a flexible way by operational management recommendations focused on: decrease the non-revenue water, improve the pressure management, detect leakages, save energy and water (water-energy nexus), and above all, improve the integrated water resources management in terms of water resources and revenues supporting financial, social and environmental sustainability, while maintaining quality and level of service.

The case study includes cooperation with water supply and wastewater disposal company Vodopskrba i Odvodnja Cres Lošinj Ltd. which operates in Cres-Lošinj Archipelago, Croatia.