Demo case: Optimization under uncertainty of heat and power production in district heating systems

This demo case has developed an optimisation method for the heat and power production planning in district heating systems to apply it to a real-world demo-case. The project should focus in particular on the appropriate consideration of uncertainty at the time of planning, e.g., uncertain heat demand and uncertain production of non-dispatchable units like solar collectors.

A district heating company operating different types of units to supply the heat demand, participated. In addition, the participation of the district heating company in the electricity market was considered. The latter is important if the company has a combined heat and power (CHP) plant (generating heat and power at the same time) from which power can be sold to the market.

The optimization method developed in this demo project aimed at scheduling the production for all units in the considered demo-case system taking the uncertain factors into account. Furthermore, the method allowed determining the optimal amount of power to be offered in the electricity market as well as the optimal bidding price considering uncertainty in the system.