WP0: Centre Management

Objective: Efficient and effective communication and management to ensure the success of CITIES.


WP0.1 Establish and maintain a web-based project management tool, efficient communication, and content management system (CMS).
WP0.2 Manage education of PhDs and PDs (incl. seminars and summer schools)
WP0.3 Communication with external/industrial partners through website/workshops/accessible open source CMS. Interface with political sphere to ensure CITIES outcomes/results are reflected in policy, e.g. guiding development of regulations/energy tax structures etc.
WP0.4 Dissemination of methods, results and tools to the wider public, policy makers and academia through series of seminars, wider audience “townhall” style events, summer schools for university students and high profile international conferences (hosted by CITIES), traditional scientific journal/conference style dissemination.

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