Work Packages

CITIES will establish an inter-disciplinary research platform, with key tasks organised within work packages. The figure below shows the organisation of these work packages. The system definition is provided by WP1 and WP2 which investigate and characterise all aspects of supply and demand. The core of CITIES is dealt with in WPs 3-6 which investigate energy system integration and management. WP3 and WP4 investigate interactions between energy flows and system components, and mechanisms to incentivise them on scales from the individual component to the entire energy system. WP 5 and WP 6 focus on the impact of time; ranging from control at the operational scale to system planning for decades to come. Interaction between these WPs is fundamental to CITIES. WP7 and the Innovation Centre provide a platform to deliver tangible outputs from CITIES. It should be noted at this point that the ICT platform developed in CITIES will consider the entire energy system, including an interface to the water and transportation sectors, for which optimised models will not be specifically addressed due to the need for specialised expertise beyond that of the current CITIES project.
WP Title Lead
WP0 Centre management and dissemination DTU Compute
WP1 Energy services and demand DTU Management
WP2 Energy production, transmission, storage and conversion DTU Energy Conversion
WP3 Intelligent energy system integration DTU BYG
WP4 Intelligent aggregation and markets DTU CEE
WP5 Forecasting and control DTU Compute
WP6 Simulation and planning AAU Planning
WP7 Decision making and support systems DTU Compute

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