CITIES solutions are tools, products or methodologies (partly) developed within the CITIES project and can be of the following types:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Combination of hardware and software
  • An approach or framework
  • A setup used within e.g. a smart city

List of CITIES solutions

CITIES Innovation Center

The CITIES Innovation Center (CIC) will facilitate the effective distribution of results, such that the most promising solutions can be further developed either directly or at private companies or at subsequent innovation projects. The activities in CIC will primarily deal with the development and final testing of solutions, products and commercial opportunities that arise in the process of CITIES research activities. Dedicated CITIES partners, such as DI, CLEAN and INNO-SE are included with the purpose of facilitating the business incubation unit parallel to CITIES, and supporting the more business-related activities associated with green and smart cities projects, etc.

Software for combined physical and statistical modelling

Continuous Time Stochastic Modelling (CTSM) is a software package for modelling and simulation of combined physical and statistical models. You find a technical description and the software at

Software for Model Predictive Control

HPMPC is a toolbox for High-Performance implementation of solvers for Model Predictive Control (MPC). It contains routines for fast solution of MPC and MHE (Moving Horizon Estimation) problems on embedded hardware. The software is available on GitHub.

MPCR is a toolbox for building Model Predictive Controllers written in R, the free statistical software. It contains several examples for different MPC problems and interfaces to opensource solvers in R . The software is available on GitHub.

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