Centre Management

Henrik Madsen Center Manager
Mark Dannemand Deputy Center Manager
Per Sieverts Nielsen Chief Operation Manager

For fast and public communication that you can follow, we have a Google+ Page.

CITIES offices can be found in
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Building 303B
Asmussens Allé
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

CMT and WP leaders

Work Package Management

WP1 WP Leader: Per S. Nielsen,
WP2 WP Leader: Allan Schrøder,
WP3 WP Leader: Carsten Rode,
WP4 WP Leader: Pierre Pinson,
WP5 WP Leader: John Bagterp,
WP6 WP Leader: Karl Sperling,
WP7 WP Leader: Daniela Guericke,

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