WP6: Simulation and Planning [Long Term/Planning]

WP Leader: Karl Sperling, karl.sperling@smart-cities-centre.org

Objective: Develop long term simulation platform for system planning. Focus on longer term energy planning scenarios and methodologies.


WP6.1 Develop an IT based platform to support decision making at the city level enabling modelling from the city level to the national level. This requires tool development to identify the impact of aggregation on planning outcomes from the city level to the national or EU-level.
WP6.2 Using the simulation platform to investigate the differences in outcomes when the system is modelled at the aggregate and detailed levels (considering geographic, temporal and complexity scales), different long term energy system scenarios for cities and larger geographic regions will be created.
WP6.3 Creation of public regulation scenarios for long-term integrated markets, aggregating solutions cross-sectorally in cities (electricity, gas, heating, cooling) calls for the identification of new institutional, organizational and market implementation strategies. Such scenarios are based on the technical scenarios (WP6.1) and inputs from other WPs.

PhD projects

Contextual Aspects of Smart City Energy Systems Analysis

PhD student: Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, jacob.thellufsen@smart-cities-centre.org

The objective of the PhD project is to develop a tool for EnergyPLAN capable of linking several energy system models to each other. This MultiNODE tool enables the research of interconnection in relation to system integration, due to the layout of EnergyPLAN. The second objective is the investigation of the Smart City within two contextual aspects. 1) The geographical aspect of seeing the city in relation to the country or region, and 2) the system integration context of the city, looking at the importance of taking the whole local energy system into account, when investigating the implementation of new technology.

To analyse these two aspects, MultiNODE and EnergyPLAN is used.

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