PhD and Post Doc Pages

CITIES does build heavily on the work by PhD’s and Post Docs, and also students doing their finals within CITIES. Hence it is pivotal to follow their work. Here is a page that can be filled in by “you”, the active PDs and PhDs.

PhD/Postdoc workshop on March 15th 2017

  • Exploiting Flexibility of Coupled Electricity and Natural Markets by Christos Ordoudis
  • Integrated electrical and heating domains – use cases, challenges and modelling by Thibaut Richert
  • Results of Structured Review of Electricity consumption classification using smart meter data by Alexander Tureczek
  • Prosumers and their impact on the energy system by Marijana Larma
  • Strategic energy planning in Denmark by Louise Krog Jensen
  • Optimal Planning for Biomass Contracts by Ignacio Blanco
  • AirMon – A Holistic IoT-based Air Quality Monitoring System for Smart Cities by Xiufeng Liu
  • Modelling Occupants’ Presence in Buildings by Sebastian Wolf

PhD Courses

PhD/Postdoc workshop on October 26th 2015

CITIES meeting for PhD students and postdocs, April 22nd 2015

CITIES meeting for PhD students and postdocs, January 16th 2015

Get together One, 22.10.2014

At this first meeting for all involved partners, the following presentations are collected:

Dadi Þorsteinn Sveinbjörnsson : Energy Production, Transmission, Storage & Conversion Presentation.

Christos Ordoudis : Market environment for integrated energy system management Presentation.

Panagiota Gianniou : Intelligent Energy System Integration Presentation.

Marco Zugno: Joint optimization under Uncertainty for Heat and Power Systems Presentation.

others will hopefully follow.

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